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Putting together few advantages of bathroom cladding

Putting together few advantages of bathroom cladding

Today, bathroom suites are getting quite the popularity as now days; many house owners are looking for transforming their bathroom into an attractive area. Wall cladding, lately has become popular as house owners are looking for something versatile and beautiful for their walls, so what better than waterproof panels. They are often used instead of ceramic wall tiles as well. They are easily maintained and cladding is easy to install too. At many occasions cladding is fixed over existing tiles which makes it great.

Few benefits of cladding

It is very easy to keep bathroom cladding, all it requires is a quick an easy wipe. There is a wide variety of wall cladding, the house owner can choose according to their choice and theme. Few of the common designs to choose are wood grain effect, tile effect, mosaic effects and many more.

panels for bathroom walls

The most important benefit of bathroom cladding is that it is absolute water proof, and of course easy to install that makes it even better. Talking about installation cladding is easy to fit into cubicles as well as showers. Cladding being easy in maintenance, does not allow mildew to grow making it an ideal covering for the walls. The designs being attractive it remains a favorite for everyone and therefore does not go out of fashion.

The different uses of cladding

 Wall cladding can be used to remodel the house in different ways according to your choice. Some of them are,

Bath panels- Many bathrooms have traditional acrylic panels, which can be replaced cladding as it is much more durable, strong and looks decorative as well. Shower cubicles- In shower cubicles, bathroom cladding can be used easily, as cladding plays an important role in preventing water for spilling and spreading across other parts of the bathroom making a mess.

Bathroom walls- Usually in conventional bathroom there are tiles fixed on the bathroom walls, it being difficult to clean and maintain, especially if it is in constant contact of water. Tiles demand regular cleaning instead with bathroom cladding, is much more easy to install and super easy to clean.

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