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Cool featured electronic soft tip dart boards

Cool featured electronic soft tip dart boards

The game of darts is well recognized worldwide and is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays you can find it in many bars, pubs, malls and also in homes. As technologies advance, basically everything has become computerized. Same follows in case of dart boards. More and more pubs and bars, as well as common customers, tend to prefer an electronic dart board over standard one as they can improve the understanding of the game and open way more new options. There are 7 Best Electronic Dart Boards [2018] available in these days.

Currently there are tons of different electronic dart boards on the market and so many get confused while choosing it. Some of the soft tip best 7 best Electronic Dart Boards [2018] are as follows,

  • Gran Board 2 Bluetooth
  • Arachnid Cricket Pro 800
  • Viper Specter Bilingual
  • Viper  VDarts H2L
  • Viper 800
  • Gran Board Dash
  • Hathaway Magnum

Gran Board is one of the good looking dashboards that use Bluetooth to connect to the Smartphone. To get full control, a special app that runs on both iOS and Android devices need to be downloaded. Arachnid has tons of many different options like NylonTough segments, forty games with 179 variations as well as three-level heckler feature. Viper Specter Bilingual is relatively a cheap dart board. It has fifty games with 698 options. Unfortunately, in this board only four players can play darts at the time.

VDarts is unique looking dartboard offers very cool cyber-play features and is excellent for online play but is quite expensive.  Viper 800 supports up to sixteen players and is relatively cheap to buy. It has an LCD display that shows the score. Gran Board Dash is a more reasonably priced option that looks very similar and is almost the same board just with some missed high-end features. Hathaway Magnum is very lightweight, it supports for up to eight players and darts are soft tipped.

Typically, using electronic dartboards is safe because it has a softer tip rather than regular sharp steel darts. That makes this gaming more appropriate for children. Another big thing regarding electronic dart board is tracking score. It counts everything automatically and stops players from cheating. Select your best board and take delight in gaming.

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