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Falling in Line in the Philippines

Falling in Line in the Philippines

Since the Philippines are a tropical country, the climate in here is usually hot and humid. The season is divided into two, the summer season and the rainy season. Even so, Philippines are a great and beautiful country full of friendly residents, who prefer Best Portable Air Conditioner in all the seasons. In terms of the development of the public sectors, it becomes stales and out of touch with the current times. Hence, some of the sectors are still dependent of on a manual operation and the structures are not updated.

Due to the late improvements of the infrastructures in the Philippines, it causes a lot of inconveniences and put a large burden to the public. It resulted to lots of queue in every aspect of public service. Long hours of falling in line just to ride the train or to avail permit in the local government offices. Enduring the stress and the harsh weather is the common struggles of the ordinary Filipino citizens. Daily exposure to such conditions not only stresses out the people but has an adverse effect on the health.

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The Rail Transit System

Decades of no improvement in the public transportation due to the corruption of the politicians has critically impeded any solutions provided by the new administration. The country’s capital cities are terrorized with heavy congestion of traffic and outdated rail road transportation. It becomes the choking point which causes at least billions of money being wasted annually due to such condition.

Instead of traversing the heavily congested roads, the public tends to go for the rail transit. Even so, punishing long lines are waiting for them. Some are falling in line the sidewalks just to enter the premises. In doing so, exposes them to dangers such as air pollution, heat, rain and even harms that other people can inflict on them.

Local Agencies

The same condition applies to the local agencies especially acquiring legal document.  There is city government that tries to automate their permit and document offices using the internet but it was for naught. Since the choking point is the slow movement of the city officials which causes long queues. Lots of people are stuck in line every day in such premises that even have no ventilation and cooling system to lessen the burden.

 Even though, some cities try to lessen the problem and provide comfort. Most of them are using huge electric fans and a bucket of ice in an attempt to cool the premises. They could have search more info about portable air conditioners regarding a better temporary solution to their cooling system. It is more feasible to improve their building and improve the system to provide better service to the public but it seems impossible because of how corrupt the current officials.

Therefore, the Philippines needs a new leader that can spearheaded the improvement the public service. As of now, the current administration shows potential in achieving such feat. All of us can only hope for the betterment of the local infrastructures.

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