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Use of THC – Get Extra Dose Of Pleasure

Use of THC – Get Extra Dose Of Pleasure

Here we are going to talk about the sexual lubricants. You might be thinking: “I do not need any kind of lubricant-and those are just for the old and dried-up vaginas”. That’s not at all true! The sexual lubricants are actually for everyone! Actually, sexual lubricant will add extra pleasure to any sexual encounter. Most of us believe that our vaginas “must” naturally produce enough of lubrication for staying slippery throughout the given sexual activity. But, copious vaginal lubrication doesn’t essentially go in a right way with the sexual arousal.

The vaginal lubrication is very much influenced by the hormonal fluctuations & will differ greatly that depends on where the woman is in her periods or menstrual cycle. The reduced estrogen levels contribute to the reduced lubrication among women who recently delivered the baby, breastfeeding women, and those in menopause. So, hormones aren’t an only culprit for the reduced lubrication. The excessive alcohol, marijuana, or some cough & cold remedies will dry up the mucous membranes- which include those in vagina. Even when woman is producing plenty of vaginal lubrication, extra slipperiness that the artificial lubricant provides will add to an enjoyment and arousal of both the partners.

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All Lubes are Made Equally


There are certain oils used as the sexual lubricants for years and they are good for the sexual massage & manual stimulation. But, women must totally avoid any oil lubricants for their sexual activities involving the vaginal penetration. Such products (particularly thick ones such as petroleum jelly) will be tough to wash and flush out of the body. They will coat the vagina for many days, and inviting overgrowth of bacteria & contributing to the yeast infections. Oils also are incompatible with the safer sex practices since they break down latex in condoms, diaphragms and dams, putting both the partners at higher risk for contracting any sexually transmitted infections.

Water Based Lubricants

The water-based lubricants can be safe for all kinds of the sexual activities and easily clean out from your body. Now, you can find them at the local pharmacy or they come in various brands. Some of the THC Lube comes in flavored, scented, and “warming” varieties. Suppose you are a bit prone to the yeast infections, select glycerine-free lube, as glycerine is the sugary substance, which will contribute to the yeast production. As some people don’t like the water-based lubricants as they will dry up during the prolonged sexual activity.

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