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Office chair- the most vital furniture in your office

Office chair- the most vital furniture in your office

If you are looking at the furniture in your office, your chair is probably the most important one. That’s because you spend the greater time of your week in your office sitting in that very chair. If there is one piece of furniture you can change, change the office chair to an ergonomic one like Herman Miller’s Embody.

Importance of good office chairs

1- Posture
Good office chairs need to help you maintain a good posture while sitting. Studies have shown that poor posture can lead to lower backache, fatigue, headaches and even hernias. It is worth spending on a chair that can help rid you of these needless health issues.

2- Support
When seated, we need much more support than we do when we are standing. In standing positions, our spine is erect and we are in good posture anyway. Office chairs need to provide proper lumbar as well as pelvic support to ensure that the back muscles are less stressed.

3- Pelvic support
Many office chairs offer at least some level of lumbar support. However, pelvic support is equally important especially for those stuck before a computer all day. Vital pelvic support corrects the posture and keeps the hips and joints in proper positions visit​.

4- Increased concentration

A good office chair provides you with great overall comfort resulting in improved concentration and better productivity. Taking short reclining breaks and having a hold on your back while working can reduce work stress even with long working hours.

5- Prolonged comfort hours

If the office chair is designed suitably, we can spend our office hours in comfort rather than agony. The office chair, Embody, ensures optimal spine and pelvic support while maintaining your posture. Making sure that our posture is well maintained and supported results in better breathing and less fatigue.

Keeping these things in mind, take a new look at your office chair. If it is not ergonomic, change it into a new one. That will be one of the greatest favors you can do to yourself and especially to your back.

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