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Learn about CS: GO ranking system

Learn about CS: GO ranking system

CS: GO provides a ranking system to its players. This ranking is a great badge of honor for gamers who are dedicated and spend long times playing games. While some players understand the working of the cs go ranking system, most don’t. That is why here is a guide to help you understand how this system works so you know exactly what you are dealing with.

How CS: GO ranks work

Getting a rank- In order to start getting a rank, a player needs to win at least 10 placement matches. This has to be done at the rate of 2 per day in order to allow the system to assess your skill level. Unranked players have restricted access to an entire team of 5 players.

Within a rank- When a player gets his 10 wins he is then given a place in one of the 18 Skill groups of CS: GO based on how they performed in the matches. This will open access to more matches but only against players within 5 ranks more or less than the players’.

Furthur ranking- After this point, a players’ rank goes up and down based on his wins and losses into the appropriate skill group. A good way to ensure higher rank is to play and win as a team.

No playing- If a player disappears and doesn’t play for an entire month, his Skill Group will disappear. The player will now need to win again to return and playing against other players will also get restricted.

Rank distribution

The internal working of the cs go rankings system, how it is done and what is its basis is not known to the population. CSGOSquad is a website that provides independent analysis of the rank distribution over a period of time. This gives the player a good idea on which rank the greatest amount of players are concentrated in.

If you are keen on getting a good rank or raising your rank on CS: GO, the best way is to play it out, consistently and professionally and watch your rank rise.

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