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Get to know about snowboard binding by burton

Get to know about snowboard binding by burton

Snowboarding is one of the most famous and most common recreational activities which is also the part of Olympics and Paralympics. If we talk about this sport in detail then it is all about snow and snowboard as the name suggests snowboarding.  If we talk about its origin then it was developed in unites states of America in the year 1960s (in that time). Snowboarding is actually a winter sport that involves sloping down the snow with a board. The development of the snowboarding is galvanized by skiing, surfing and other activities. Here we will talk about snowboard bindings burton.

Well you must be aware about the types of snowboarding’s that are present and here we will discuss about few in detail. Here is the list being provided to you-

  • Freeriding

Well this snowboarding is only bounded by the mountains or else you are free to do in your own way as the name only signifies

  • Freestyle

This type of snowboarding involves terrain parks, back country or even the urban environments; in this mainly tricks are being performed.

  • Urban

This type of snowboarding involves using the human made landscapes; it has handrails, ledges and lot more things.

These were the few types of snowboarding that are being carried out by people now days. You must have come across snowboarding binding. If we discuss about them then they are an important link between your feet and your snowboard. They are actually major connection of your body to the board and hence it is very much clear that this connection needs to be strong so that you are able to do the slide in inimitable way. Discussing about snowboard bindings burton then they provide you with best quality of snowboard binding that you can definitely trust upon. Cartel snowboards bindings from burton are packed with excellent featured and are mainly recommended for male riders especially for the mountain freestylers (about them we have discussed in above paragraph).

Here are its features that are listed below-

  • It has single compound base plate that is made up of nylon and short glass that helps to give light weight to the binding.
  • To secure your feet and provide extra support they use react trap that helps to provide extra support
  • It has stiff binding that actually requires advanced and intermediate skills and specially designed for skill riders in order to provide better performance.


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