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Factors That Lead to Frequent Air Conditioning Service

Factors That Lead to Frequent Air Conditioning Service

It is not easyto sum up the intervals for air conditioning service since it varies due to different factors. The nowadays power efficient and the modified home air conditioner systems require their aircon servicing just once in a year, unlike for the inefficient and dated home AC systems which must be serviced more than twice yearly for smooth running.

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Determinants for frequent AC servicing

  1. Mode and type of the AC system

The servicing frequency of the air-cooling system depends on the rate of its operation. For example, there are systems which their design and mode can survive high heat wave and are packaged with a complete year cooling. For such ac systems, servicing varies with the type of the system and the operational conditions.

  1. Climates and season of the year

Different weather and yearly summer seasons raise a great need for frequent servicing depending on the season. For instance, climates with high humidity release airborne water that wears down the home air-cooling system. As a result, the system requires regular servicing and maintenance after every exposure to the humid, crisp, and cold climates. It is different from the air conditioning systems in temperate zones.

  1. Presence of salt and airborne grit

Before exposing any matter to the air, it’s essential to consider the health factors for the consumers. Salt and airborne dust found around the working areas of the air conditioning system can cause serious health problems to the users. They can also affect the working of the cooling system making it unusable.

Dangers of un-serviced AC systems

Despite the environmental hazards for the irregularly serviced air conditioning systems, there are other dangerous effects for not regularly maintaining the AC system. They include;

  • Excess use of electricity

Unmaintained AC system uses more power than the regularly serviced, resulting in increased energy bills and more environmental effects.

  • Poor performance

Studies show that the air-cooling systems that are not routinely functioned have less impact in maintaining the home neatness. Broken or worn out tools perform poorly, circulating the home with less breathing air than the expected. It is important to always connect with the right technicians in case there is discomfort in the home air circulation.

Regular aircon servicing is of importance as it also ensures that the temperatures are enjoyable and fit for every in-house operations. A profession offers the best servicing.

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