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An introduction to crypto currency – Bitcoins

An introduction to crypto currency – Bitcoins

What is bitcoin? As a beginner, you may have some eagerness to know about it. Bitcoin is a type of money that can be transferred over the internet. It is digital money that has value but cannot be printed or hold physically. It is not that you have to be nearer to the sender or receiver in order to transact them but you can present anywhere around the world. One should have a bitcoin wallet to send, receive and even store this type of crypto currency.

This wallet is of many types and they include mobile wallets, digital wallets, web wallets and more. It is another type of money that has value greater than any other currencies and its value has been increasing for several years and this is because of limited number of ビットコイ in the world. One can get this electronic money in numerous ways and some of them are in exchange of other currencies, in return for goods and services, by playing online games, by writing about crypto currencies and more. In addition to that, one can also get it from other persons as an exchange of money.

Another important aspect that you need to know is bitcoins have no central authority to regulate it and thus the transactions made have no third party interference and thus there will be no tax involved in those transactions. When you send or receive this money, your identity will not be shown to any one and anonymity can be maintained.

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