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Learn to avoid the most common mistakes when hiring personnel and the strategies of choosing the best prospects

Learn to avoid the most common mistakes when hiring personnel and the strategies of choosing the best prospects

It is often not so easy for small businesses to hire staff. If yours is preparing for the arrival of new people, you may want to take a moment to review some of the best practices for your expanding team. Here are five tips for hiring employees effectively in your small business.

Measure the passion.

Skills and talent are important; check this out but you should also be aware if candidates are passionate about working for you. Did the candidates do a pre-interview investigation to find out about your company? Are they enthusiastic during the interview? The answers to these types of questions can help you assess whether potential employees really want to work for your company or are simply looking for any job.

Contact your acquaintances.

Often, you can find employees simply by contacting people with whom you already have relationships that have to do with your work. Contact some of them or post a notice on LinkedIn to inform your contacts about your hiring needs.

Search social media.

When using social networks to find candidates, LinkedIn should be your first stop. Then, check your potential candidates on Face book for inappropriate comments, as well as negative or offensive tweets. Make sure you do not consider any confidential or protected information in your hiring decisions (sex, race, religion, age, disability, origin or pregnancy).

How We Hire All-Star Employees

Do interviews like a professional.

 Whether in person or online, be sure to do it the right way. Arrive on time, be positive and diligently attend the red flags you have found on a resume. There are good and bad answers to all the questions, so be sure to ask all the right questions and let the candidates respond according to them.

Consider hiring older employees.

Older workers can bring a certain level of experience to their organization, something that young candidates simply do not have. In addition, they can serve as mentors to the youngest members of the team. Older people also tend to give better attention to detail and are usually more organized.

Implication and attitude

  • Define profiles well when hiring your staff
  • Define profiles well when hiring your staff

    These two aspects are fundamental when it comes to hiring. The employee may have a long experience, but if he does not know how to express himself and sell, we will not achieve our objectives. Also, the staff must be involved in the work to be able to evolve every day. And not just the employees, the owner has to set an example of all the actions. A good administrator is the one who knows all the incidents of the day today.

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