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Few historical details of bitcoin

Few historical details of bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the first invented cryptocurrency or digital currency which means its not a real currency which we use in the real world which is printed on a paper. It was said to be invented by an unknown person or team or organization or any called as Satoshi nakamoto who used block chain technology to create the same. It was invented in the year 2008 and was allowed for the people to mine for free on their own home computers itself. Checkout wheel of fortune login if you want to do simple tasks but in return you could win a great part of a bitcoin or several other awesome prices.

If you are here to know more about bitcoin, read this article completely to know about it in a very brief manner. They are as follows,

  • One has to make use of our real world money to buy this bitcoin in varying prices everyday. It can never be used as a currency for payment unless a merchant accepts it like the real currency. If it is not accepted as payment, then the bitcoin owners has to convert the same into the real world currencies like dollars or euros or rupees through any of the exchanges out there online or offline to use it.
  • People thought this was a scam when it was initially released but over time, the price of the same has reached its heights both up and down. The overall graph is in a steady rise state only and not seem to go down because of the use case it has on the block chain technology. If you couldn’t buy one bitcoin with money, then try your chance to use wheel of fortune login in order to try the luck to win a part of bitcoin for free.

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