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Canon Ef And Ef-S Lenses And How To Mount The Right Lens For Right Camera

Canon Ef And Ef-S Lenses And How To Mount The Right Lens For Right Camera

Camera is the device that capture some important moments in our life without any fail and keep in store for a longer period of time. What is exactly necessary for our camera is the most important thing that we must know before we purchase a camera from the market.

The camera with an expensive price cannot be really the device or stuff that you need to capture images with auto focus and capturing it with expected frame results. The camera with a perfect lens is the most important thing that you need to capture the most extraordinary images.

How to mount lens in your camera?

This is the most important stage if you are a photographer or if you have interest to become a professional photographer. The first and the foremost thing you must have a proper idea which lens will be the best to portray the best picture for the right moment you need it.

The lens with full frame like the . Canon ef and ef-s lenses are the type of lens that comes with the full frame imaging mostly use in the filmography and all. It generally consists of sensors that is full frame sized sensors present in it.

While the Canon EF-S lenses, basically consists of the APS-C sized sensors and used in the APS-C Canon DSLR’S. The lens and the electronic adjustment in the camera must be designed in such a way that they can connect to each other and adjust according to the picture and aperture adjustments.

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Other important factors to find best canon lens

The lens with better imaging also demand higher and expensive price from you. The lens with heavy metals and with the presence of other materials makes it bulkier.

The Canon ef and ef-s lenses also have the same concept like the concept of the iris of our eye. Like when we focus on a single object nearby then the other things in the surrounding gets blur and in the same way the lens aperture the closer the image the focus is generally shifted to that one object. Also the lens must be image stabilised to click even images of any moving object.

In conclusion, the camera lenses is just like we observe the role of our eyes. The better and the expensive the lens the more, wider the angle will be and there will be more beautiful images.

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