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Bad Habits That Increase Your Chance Of Heart Attack

Bad Habits That Increase Your Chance Of Heart Attack

All of us know about the importance of heart for the entire body. It is one amongst the vital organs of the human body. The entire body is supplied with blood that is rich in oxygen so that all the organs and parts of the body may get nutrition and at the same time keep on working normally and most optimally. Unfortunately, large numbers of people suffer from different types of diseases and disorders related to heart. Some people have to go for surgeries or other treatments at heart Clinic in order to retain normal functions of the heart. To make sure you keep on enjoying good heart health in absolute manners, you must abstain from some bad habits as discussed below so that chances of heart attack may be reduced:-

Excessive dependence on junk and processed foods

Diet has a key role to play when it comes to heart health. Excessive dependence upon junk and processed foods leads to problems such as high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is because junk and processed foods have high fat content that may lead to deposition of plaque in the arteries. As a result of this, chances of heart attack increase greatly.

Chain smoking

People who get engaged in smoking excessively are also at high risk of heart attack. It is all due to narrowing down of the arteries which in turn reduces the flow of blood to the heart. Hence there is greater risk of heart attack.

Excessive alcohol consumption

Like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption also has an adverse effect on heart health. Those who consume alcohol in excess may experience damage to certain parts of their hearts. The pressure on the heart increases as a consequent of which the chances of heart attack also increase greatly.

Inactive lifestyle

Inactivity is again a great factor that leads to heart attack in large numbers of people across the globe. Sedentary lifestyle leads to deposition of fat content in the body. The fats accumulated in the body start intervening with the normal functions of the heart as these get deposited in the arteries. Such persons may have to go for a heart surgery at Essex Heart Clinic so as to get recovered from a heart attack.

Improper sleeping habits

Lack of proper rest and sleep is another major factor that leads to heart attack. Heart functions get impaired adversely due to improper sleeping habits. This habit must be given up.

These are some of the major bad habits that have an adverse effect on your overall heart health and may increase your chances of a heart attack. In order to make sure that you have a healthy and properly working heart, you must avoid these habits and switch over to good habits.

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