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About the Church SCJ and Its Teachings

About the Church SCJ and Its Teachings

The SCJ church was established by South Korean cult Lee Man-Hee in the tear 1984. The church has attracted several accusations of being cult in many countries because of the unorthodox teachings. Based on the testimonies of the former members, Lee claimed to be a second coming of Jesus, who will bring over 144,000 people straight to Heaven on a Day of Judgment. He claimed to be an only person who will interpret the Bible, so Shincheonji allegedly regards other churches & pastors as the belonging to Satan.

The SCJ church teaches that it’s acceptable to exercise deceit or lies only if it serves the God’s purposes. It is accused of disrupting and infiltrating established Korean churches just by using the deception or secrecy to trick the people in becoming totally involved with them.  But, there is a different story altogether, and we all clear it out here.

Teaches Us Forgiveness

It is tough to let go your disappointments, annoyances and frustrations. Maybe someone has made us down, our children are going out of control, or spouse has said and done something very hurtful. Forgiveness is the toughest lessons to learn, yet, when can let go things, it will take the major weight out of your shoulders. This is what at SCJ, we believe in. There is not any better place to get reminded of gift of forgiveness, which we have received by visit the SCJ church, and hearts will help and get softened in this process.

Fill Us with Song

There is something magical about music. Even if it is listening to the religious music and hymns wall uplift us as well as give us the messages that we might not otherwise listen. It is amazing to know how our hearts open up through song, or how at times even the world weight will be lifted out from our shoulders when that first song starts playing. With the music, we feel spiritually connected as song is an important conduit to God. So, we feel happiness and joy just by listening to the music with the great message, and carrying the song in our soul every week long.

Place to find deeper meaning of life

Church is a place where we find deeper meaning of our life. We have been away for very long, and in the time when thing has felt hopeless, and we need reminding. Perhaps the sacraments are not available, but the quiet prayer & conversation with God exactly is what we want.

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