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Gout and Cayenne Peppers –Highly Effective Gout Remedies at!

Gout and Cayenne Peppers –Highly Effective Gout Remedies at!

There’re a lot of natural remedies that are accessible to cure gout and if you’re in a middle of the painful flare up then you want something, which can act instantly. The cayenne peppers are amazing for getting relief from gout quickly.

Gout and its Causes

Whenever you get gout generally you’ve eaten wrong food or have not eaten sufficient foods. Gout can be caused by buildup of the uric acid in body and the main contributor for this is the substance called purines. The purines can be found in a lot of foods like fish or shell-fish and fatty meats. Purines break down in the uric acid and forms crystals that will get in your joints or cause pain.

Fighting Out Gout with the Cayenne Peppers


  1. The first thought is that you will need to eat Cayenne Peppers but this is not how the remedy works. For first remedy, you just take one table spoon of the cayenne and mix this with water and a cup of vinegar, and mix it nicely. Then take this mixture and apply on your affected area by using sponge. How easy is it?
  2. Second method is very easy. Take a spoon of the cayenne and mix with one to three table spoons of the wintergreen oil & make a thick paste. Take your fingers to rub this paste in your affected joint & surrounding areas.
  3. Next method, mix one spoon of the cayenne peppers with a cup of water & apple cider vinegar. You can heat this mixture in pot or microwave till it comes to the boiling consistency. Apply this mixture on your affected joint 3 to 4 times per day.

Whenever using any of the remedies make sure you avoid getting cayenne pepper in eyes. Make sure you wash your hands after handling this. To avoid gout and treat this with painkillers is a last thing that you must do. Suppose you are looking to defeat this disease, then visit to know how you can cure or prevent gout within 24hours with guaranteed cure for Gout.

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