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A Prepaid Visa Gift Card Catering to Your Needs

A Prepaid Visa Gift Card Catering to Your Needs

Gift cards are immensely popular among the current generation of millennials and professionals. Contemporary gift cards speak volumes in terms of the benefits they offer and the flexibility they induce. Among the diverse variety of gift cards, Vanilla gift cards are a notch above the rest. Exciting new benefits and flexible usage options are carefully curated to empower users with enhanced convenience of shopping. One of the greatest benefits is, your Visa gift card balance never expires and lets you shop anytime.

Outstanding features of your Vanilla Visa gift card

A Vanilla Visa gift card is one of the best things to gift your loved ones or to those who matter. It’s the easiest way to delight people and rest assured you have given the gift of freedom and convenience. The exceptional features and benefits of this card include:

  • You can shop whenever you wish with the non-expire feature of funds
  • The card holder can shop from over thousands of retailers and brands, both in-store and online
  • The card doesn’t ask for your personal information and credit checks
  • There are no hidden fees charged on the card
  • Start using the card immediately on activation. There is no activation period
  • The gift cards can be used wherever Discover, Mastercard and Visa cards are accepted across the United States of America and the District of Columbia

Online usage of your Visa gift card


It’s very convenient to set a zip code to your gift card via the Assign Zip Code page. Log in to the account and complete the formalities in a few moments. You can also update an existing zip code easily. Once you checkout, you can enter the card information and provide your mailing address for communication purposes.

Using your gift card in-store

Check your gift card balance and ensure its enough for shopping in-store. Conveniently make a transaction at the cashier by presenting the card after making a purchase. You have the option to finalize purchases like a credit or a debit transaction. Just choose credit or debit and sign the receipt or enter the pin respectively. Visit online and keep track of all your transactions.

Always keep track of your Visa gift card balance to ensure you don’t make transactions greater than the available balance. You have the option to split the transaction and pay through two methods. Make sure to inform the merchant about the same with the amount to charge for each type of transaction.

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